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18 Responses to Listen Live!

  1. gsr says:

    Mike & Mike/new guys really rock dsr
    Music’s cool! so good so far

  2. chris says:

    believe taylor swift is june 23

  3. P. Klinger says:

    AMAZING SONG! truly great, thanks for playing.

  4. stew says:

    Focus on the Duquesne basketball teams.I am a Steelers fan too but enough is
    enough. Talk,talk,blah,blah blah.Play the frickin game and hopefully the
    Steelers win.
    My true love is the Dukes.

  5. that person says:

    i agree with stew. promote the duquesne men’s basketball team.. do interviews with the players.. stream the game.. the basketball is the best thing duquesne has going for them

  6. Jack Henry Harrison says:

    If you want to hear about Duquesne Hoops listen to Jeff and Mark Show – Wednesdays from 10-12. Best info on Dukes Hoops in town by far. I think these guys travel with the team. Great show by students – appreciate it a bunch.

  7. Mike Kaufman says:

    The Fix = awesome.

  8. Tatum Martone says:

    Chillen’ with Jona is the bestttttttttttt! hilariousss <3

  9. Deepak says:

    Congrats to Neil the Real Deal. Your radio taken will dearly be missed. Please come back and grace us with your dope beats and insightful commentary.

    Keep it real!

    - pak

  10. Jrizk says:

    “Im Flyer then you”- C Squared Ent. Please put that on play list again =)

  11. Bill Waugh says:

    Vinnie’s show rocks! Thanks for all of the Verdict plays, as well as your support of all local music!

  12. Jim L says:

    GREAT SHOW – vinny l

  13. Hair Flip and Swag says:

    Hair Flip and Swag… the craziest most diverse show you will ever hear… join us for a crazy time Thursdays 3-4pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Natalie and Marissa says:

    Keithin’ItReal, PlayinForKeiths, Keithsake, KeithEmComin, KeepOnKeithinOn (FAVORITE)

  15. Skylar says:

    love alex’s show! funniest dude!

  16. Pete and Dave fans says:

    Davey and Pete have a great show. They know alot about the sport and are funny too. Keep it coming!

  17. loyal listener says:

    I just loved the radio station tonight (9pm – 10pm). I enjoy the oldies music and listening to Keith In It Real! Keep up the great work!

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